What We Are Solving

The Problem

  • Anemia is on the Global Burden of Disease top list , countries take many public health measures to provide Iron supplement to target population
  • Surveillance of Anemia is limited - All programs taken by govt agencies(CDC) and WHO reports about limitation on collecting data and regularly monitoring the effect of supplement

Anemia affects more that a Billion people around the world in both developed and developing countries. And Yet A fast , accurate , point-of-care and non-invasive method of detecting the presence of Anemia is not available at scale.

Non-Invasive ,
Scalable Anemia Detection is not Available

Presence of Anemia in India has increased in last few years - surveillance is a big problem to effectively monitor
the Anemia level and distribute nutritional resources .


Anemia Prevalence

National Family Health Survey-5 (2019-21)

  • Children 6-59 months (67%)
  • Adolescent girls 15-19 years (59%)
  • Adolescent boys 15-19 years (31%)
  • Women of reproductive age 15-49 yeras (57%)
  • Pregnant women (52%)
  • Lactating women (57%)

Our Solution

NiADA – Non-Invasive Anemia Detection App
Just use NiADA app on
the smartphone
Take a photo of your
or patients’ lower eyelid
Result is displayed in
seconds using our AI
  • A non-invasive, precise and accurate method
  • Easily accessible , fast & infinitely scalable screening process
  • Keeps history for a patient

NiADA Enables Non-invasive & Faster Point-of-care Service

  • Easy , accessible way to monitor presence of anemia - Reduces 858,000 of visits a year to emergency departments with anemia as the primary diagnosis
  • Reduction of human error involved in detecting anemia - The rural health workers visit the remote villages and schools and provide Iron supplement based on their visual assumption which might frequently results to an incorrect treatment

Partner with Us

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Goal for this PMR Meeting

To assess whether NiADA can be a useful part of the solution for monitoring and managing Anemia.

To assess whether the stakeholders for the program of monitoring and managing Anemia are interested in paying for NiADA

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Who We Are?

  • Future Data is an AI startup led by a team of highly experienced AI and Medical professionals.
  • We are developing data-driven non-invasive applications to help improve the state of (public) healthcare.
  • Our mission is to recognize the health problems and achieve a social change by employing entrepreneurial principles, processes and operations.

We are a passionate and motivated leadership team with specialized training and decades of experience in Deeptech,
AI & Machine Learning and as well as in Medicine with specialization in Pathology.


Mou Nandi

Co-founder & CEO Utah, USA

Krishanu Banerjee

Co-founder Chief Data Officer Utah, USA

Dr. Jhuma Nandi

Co-founder Chief Medical Officer New Jersey, USA